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Denne sida inneholder linker til nettsteder jeg synes er gode, først og fremst på grunn av innholdet. Linkene er gruppert etter sak. Det største problemet med ei slik side er imidlertid ikke å fylle den med gode linker, men å sørge for at døde adresser blir oppdaga og fjerna raskest mulig.

95% av mine gjester forstår ikke norsk. Derfor er resten av denne sida teksta på engelsk. And the rest is in English ...

This page contains links leading to websites which in my opinion are worth a visit, primarly for their content. The links are grouped according to their content. The biggest problem connected with a page like this is not filling it with good links, but discovering and removing dead url's as soon as possible.

Most of the links lead to English pages on bi- or multi-lingual sites. However, some bring you to websites written entirely in Norwegian - a fine opportunity to learn a new language!

Not much English in Norwegian newspapers, but still you'll understand a lot. You may find useful e-mail addresses if you're seeking someone in Norway. Here are our three biggest newspapers (alphabetically sorted!):
VG (Verdens Gang)

Statistisk Sentralbyrå has statistic information about Norway:
Here is a zoomable map covering every part of the country ('English' button top right):
You'll find information about the weather in the nearest future here:
Meteorologisk institutt
Seeking a telephone number in Norway? Try this:

Geographic regions
Norway is a very loooooong country, divided into five regions ('landsdeler'). Here are a couple of links if you want information about a) all parts of Norway -
The 19 counties
- or about Vesterålen:
Vesterålen Regionråd

I've picked som links showing Norwegian culture in a wider meaning. Let's start with food:
Old Cookbooks and Food History
Next topic is architecture, here the stave churches:
Stave Church
And of course you must see our traditional costumes:

Actually Norway has three languages - Norwegian, Saami and Kveeni. Here is a summary of the main language, Norwegian:
Norwegian (link to English version at the bottom of the page)
And here some information about Sami:
Sami language
The Kvens are people of Finnish descent living in Norway since long time ago:
Kvensk institutt

Norway has a reputation for being 'clean', but still there are environmental issues to solve. This is the official view:
State of the Environment
Here are two more critical voices:
Norges Naturvernforbund

Tourist information
Making a search on internet you'll find a lot of information aimed at tourists. Here's the main tourism portal in Norway:
Visit Norway
Each county is making their own efforts to tempt the tourist. Here is Nordland county:
Nordland Reiseliv
If you don't come by car you may need this link:
Public transport
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