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Johan I. Borgos:

My slides

- from pre-digital times

I started taking color slides in 1961. My camera was an Agfa Optima, and the film was Kodachrome and Ektachrome. Twenty years later I switched to the combination of a Nikon camera and Fujichrome film. Most of the time I had another camera, a Yashica Mat124, which I used for b&w photos.

Why take slides? That's the most difficult kind of photographing I know. When you have dropped half of the 24 or 36 frames from a film in the waste-bin, then you know the real truth behind the word 'wysiwyg' - What You Shoot Is What You Get! What's more, making extra copies of a slide has been a very expensive process. Until now, that is.

On the other hand, a well-chosen collection of relevant slides is a very efficient (and underrated!) tool for conveying information. You can point, you can go backwards, you can mix past and present, jump from here to there, and you can combine the visual sights with an oral narrative. Besides that, showing the slides in a dark room transform the photos into windows to other worlds – and times.

When I had to buy a new scanner, I discovered an affordable model which among other goodies has facilities for scanning slides. It's on my desk now, and I have started scanning my slides, twenty boxes with one hundred in each. Now my old slides are getting a new and digital life!

I'm not a professional photographer, that's why I'm putting some of my slides on the net, where close to everything sooner or later will get copied. Every slide in this collection show Skogsøya in Vesterålen and some of its surroundings. Many of my oldest slides were mounted in cheap frames, so you'll find plenty of dust marks on them. All of the photos on these pages are clickable to get larger versions (1024x768 pixel).

I have split my collection into many pages with relatively few slides on each. You'll find the first batch below, under a little site-map with links to the other batches. I have grouped the slides after their content. And I quote everyone who gives away something for nothing: Enjoy! But don't use them to make money ...

Up in the mountains A trip along a country road The Fishermens Day An abandoned place Seen from the sea Around the year Mostly nature Celebrating the May 17th Winter scenes A walk along the shores

Skogsøya photos ~ A September sunday

v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes September 1984. The houses at Hjellsand stands on a moraine between the sea and two small lakes. Red boat houses near the sea with the farm buildings behind them.
The opposite view shows the lakes. The North Atlantic Ocean makes up the horizon in the west. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes The scenery from the upper end of the biggest lake when no wind disturbs the surface. In the background rises the magnificent mountain Tinden.
Here's another lake, where a belt of plants has drawn a heart. Behind the misty sea Ressula and Saltberget mountains provide a dramatic scenery. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes It is Sunday and between seasons, so the fishing harbour is very quiet. The old buildings to the left are from the 1860s, the white house near the right border was built in 1734.
Living on an island means boat connections. Here the wessel "Tunstad" arrives at - yes - Tunstad. The little lighthouse shows the way into the harbour in the dark hours. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes Sunday also at the sea farm, where newly born salmons are putting on weight, getting ready for markets far away. Very clean sea and a strong current are essential for top quality products!
No, not the midnight sun - this is after July 21th. In the foreground stands the dried stalk of a 'Tromsø palm' (Heracleaum tromsoensis). h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes

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