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Skogsøya photos ~ Seen from the sea

Your guide: Johan I. Borgos

You can study an island like Skogsøya through three perspectives - from the sea, from the mountains, and from the road. This page shows the first of them, but you'll also find pages covering the other two.

Skogsøya has a roughly square form, each side measuring four miles. Each side is quite different from the other three, and all of them have been populated. Today only the southern side has inhabitants.

A long valley from the southern shore meets an even longer valley from the north at a low pass. You can cross the island that way. No valley runs from east to west. But no more talking, let's take a boat trip!

v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes The south-eastern part of Skogsøya an early summer morning fills most of the slide. I'm on a little ferry, and it seems to be a fine day.
Turning right the north-eastern part comes into view. This side of Skogsøya never had any big population, and was first abandoned. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes Now it is autumn, and were looking at the southern side. The mountain drops down to the south-western corner of the island.
More to the right we see the highest mountain (2323 feet) towering over Hjellsand. Two different geological zones make up the mountain range. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes Still turning right we can see the buildings at Tunstad, where most of the people live today. A valley runs inland to the right.
Another notch to the right. The buildings at Tunstad and Breistrand dots the shore beneath the mountain Branden. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes The rounded mountain Øksnesheia stands at the south-eastern corner of the island, and belongs to a third geological zone.
Here we are back at Hjellsand, where I was born (white building among some trees). This is the road end to the west - h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes - and here is the eastern end of the road, near the church. The white building to the left served as vicarage while the priests lived here.
Øksnes seen from a greater distance a few days after the first snow fell. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes

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