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Skogsøya photos ~ A walk along the shores

Your guide: Johan I. Borgos

Living near the sea means being close to the shore, an extremely varied and interesting world. It changes during the day with the tides and throughout the year with the seasons. It contains different kinds of nature, from sandy beaches to long rows of big polished stones, and it shows a new face with every weather change.

In earlier times the borderline between land and ocean had an economic value on a almost treeless coast. Very much wood drifted ashore, from small pieces to long timber logs. The last decades a growing stream of litter and garbage has made the shore a sad picture.

The shores at Skogsøya have so far escaped oil spills. But drilling rigs are creeping closer and closer, and oil-carrying wessels sail a short distance from the coastline. A catastrophe may occur any day. Watch the news!

I have picked a few slides which will give you a glimpse of a world that may be damaged or destroyed if something really bad happens. Put on a pair of boots and start walking!

v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes Let's start in the winter. The shore in not a single line. There are also numerous rocks and skerries nearby, many of them reachable at low tide.
Many places a stony hills cuts through the shore and meets the waves. Look at the stretch of rounded stones. The waves have polished them. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes The same shore, but different weather and view. Now it is late spring, and the stones are still wet after a shower.
Spring is also the season for boat care. Here my 17-footer stands in a "stø", a landing place for smaller boats. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes As I said above, our shores are littered with floating garbage that people drop into the sea. The winter storms throw them on land here.
Some even sign the garbage. Well, perhaps this Ron lost his helmet while working on an oil rig somewhere - in the Carribean or the North Sea? h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes The shore produces a wealth of life of many types. Here a very slow-growing lichen decorates a big granite boulder close to the sea.
The 'strandnellik' (thrift or armeria in English) is one of many salt-tolerating plants. When you see it you know it's summer. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes Many bird species live on or near the shore. Here a flock of eider ducks swims away from the intruder and his camera.
On a strip of sand we meet some other swimmers. Or are they building sand castles? The shore is a magnificent playing ground. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes
v-pil.gif - 958 Bytes Autumn and a fog. A shadow looms in the greyness, looking more like a warship than the wessel that carry people and cargo between the islands.
A late September sunset seen from the shore. Soon winter storms will change the scenery. h-pil.gif - 958 Bytes

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